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Random thoughts

So glad you came to visit.....hope you stay a while and leave inspired!

big green tractor….

To all of our John Deer fans…the wait is over!!

Tractors and Tots Mini-Session is here!!

Get ready to celebrate your love for all things green…especially tractors!

We have scheduled the Tractors & Tots Mini-Session for

Tuesday, April 26 from 4-7:00 pm
Sign-ups will begin at 9am on Wednesday, April 13

For those of you that aren’t familiar with exactly what a mini-session is, let me give you some information:

Mini-Sessions are a fun and affordable way to get beautiful and professional quality images of your child. Mini-Sessions are 15 minute sessions with a very specific theme. You will view approximately 10 images in the weeks following your session.  There will be four limited edition photo collections for you to choose from on the day of your viewing. Sign-ups for mini-sessions are booked on a first come first serve basis. A $50 session fee must be made in advance to reserve your spot.  You can reserve your session by emailing us  Wednesday morning (13th), beginning at 9:00 am. We will call you to confirm your appointment time and arrange for payment. Please include your name, child’s name, child’s age and phone number in your email .  Due to the limited number of sessions that are available all session fees are non-refundable, but may be transferred to a friend if you are unable to make it.

We can’t wait to see you soon!

April 13, 2011 - 9:59 am Brandi Fetner - I want a tractor session! For Kannon!

April 19, 2011 - 2:03 pm Brooke Beddingfield - Just realized this will be perfect for Father's Day gifts! Hope there are still spots available! Brooke

Love is in the air…..

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We hope that all of you are enjoying the loves in your life today…spouses, children, friends, pets….etc. We had so much fun reading all of your Valentine’s stories that were submitted on our facebook page. We would like to that all of our judges who helped us pick the winner. Now for the news that you’ve all been waiting for…..

The Winner is…..

Becca Parvin!

She submitted the following story:

My dad made me a HUGE valentine when I was about 15 years old. He made it out of a refrigerator box and colored it with hearts on the outside. On the inside he wrote a poem and I wish I could remember what it said but it was something really sweet and ended with saying I would always be his valentine! It was the sweetest valentine I ever received and I will never forget it!

Thanks again for sharing your memories! We love being apart of your life!

Lovely Little Lambs

“Mary had a little lamb….his fleece was white as snow!”

Lovely Little Lamb Mini-Session – February 15

This is our most popular mini-session each year and we are so excited it is here again!   We will have newborn lambs in the studio in 2 weeks.    This is a great opportunity to have your child photographed in their Easter outfit or in a casual Spring outfit! Sign-ups for this session will begin on Friday, February 4th at 9:00 am. We ask that you call the studio at 334-826-3686 or email us at to schedule your appointment time.   A $50 non-refundable session fee will be required to reserve your spot.

Just a warning……Appointment times for this session will fill up quickly!

We can’t wait to hear from you on Friday!

2011 Mini-Sessions!

We are very excited to announce our 2011 Mini-Session Schedule!!

Below you will see a list with all of our mini-sessions including info for each of them. We know that not everyone has had the chance to experience the great time that we have at these mini-sessions….so we thought we would give your some info!

Mini-Sessions are a fun and affordable ways to get great quality pictures of you and your family. They are very detailed and theme specific. The session fee for all of our mini-sessions is $50. This is a non-refundable fee that will be required to reserve your spot on the scheduled sign-up days. Mini-Sessions are booked on a first come, first serve basis. Packages for our mini-sessions start at $150. The most important thing to remember about all of our mini-sessions is that they are a ton of FUN!! We look forward to these mini-sessions because it’s a great way to get to know you and your family in a fun and playful atmosphere.

Sign-ups for each mini-session will be held two weeks before the session is scheduled. We will have sample pictures for you to see before each session. This will give you an idea of the set we will be using and give you a chance to see any special props we might have and choose appropriate clothing to coordinate.  These will be available to view on our blog and on our facebook page two weeks prior to each mini-session.

We are looking forward to these mini-sessions and can’t wait to see you and your family!

Carson Studios Open House & Customer Appreciation Night!

This has  been a wonderful year for Carson Studios and we have YOU to thank. Please join us for a night of fun, food, drinks & prizes on Thursday, November 11 from 5-9pm. We want to take a night out of this busy season to focus on you! We will have great door prizes and giveaways including specialty custom frames, gift-certificates and more!!  Feel free to drop in on your way home from work or after you tuck your little ones into bed. Our home office is FILLED with new products…..hand painted frames, shabby chic desktop frames,  and new album styles….all perfect for Christmas gifts!   We are so excited about seeing all of your sweet faces and looking forward to kicking off this Christmas season with our favorite people!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for Mini-Sessions!

Hello Friends!

The holiday season is here and we are excited to announce our Christmas mini-sessions! We knew that just one mini-session wouldn’t be enough so we are excited to tell you that there will be TWO for you to choose from……and the themes will be….drumroll please…..

“Merry & Modern”  and  “Pictures in the Park”

Traditional, Modern, Fun….we have something for everyone!

The “Merry & Modern” mini-session will be on Sunday, November 14 and the “Pictures in the Park” mini-session will be on Sunday, November 21. We will begin scheduling sessions at 2 pm on both days. Sign-ups will begin at 9 am on Wednesday, November 3rd.  Sign-ups for mini-sessions are booked on a first come first serve basis. A $50 session fee must be made in advance to reserve your spot.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with how our mini-sessions work, let me explain. Mini-Sessions are a fun and affordable way to get beautiful and professional quality pictures of your child, children or family. Mini-Sessions are quick 20 minute sessions with a very specific theme. You will be able to choose from 10 images from your session and there will be four limited edition Christmas packages for you to choose from! We are already excited about how much fun everyone is going to have!

Many of you have requested a fun, colorful background that could work well with hats, scarves, PJs or Christmas outfits…….”Merry and Modern” will be photographed on an all white background with bright packages, over-sized ornaments and adorable handmade lettering.

“Pictures in the Park” will be photographed at Kiesel Park and will be great for  family pictures or just pictures of the kids….

Registration will be accepted for both of these sessions beginning Wednesday morning at 9am….you may call the studio 826-3686 or email to reserve your time!

Tiaras and TuTus Mini-Session!

To all of the sweet and sassy little girls out there, this mini-session is just for you!

We are excited to announce our Tiaras and TuTus Mini-Session that will be taking place on Monday, October 11th.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with exactly what a mini-session is,  let me give you some information:

Mini-Sessions are a fun and affordable way to get beautiful and professional quality pictures of your child.   Mini-Sessions are quick 15 minute sessions with a very specific theme and are designed for one child.   You will be able to view 8 – 10 images immediately following your session. There will be four limited edition photo collections for you to choose from.  Sign-ups for mini-sessions are booked on a first come first serve basis.   A $50 session fee must be made in advance to reserve your spot.    Please know that if you are late for your allotted time you will lose your spot and your session fee.

The Tiaras and TuTus sign-ups begin tomorrow, September 28th at 9 am. You can send an email or a facebook message to reserve your spot.  We will call you to confirm your appointment time and arrange for payment.  Please include  your name, child’s name, child’s age, times you are available on the 11th, phone number and email address.

We have been working on some really cute sets……

We have several tutus to chose from in the following colors: light pink, light & hot pink, pink & orange, brown & gold and  pink, lime green & white. We also have boas, pearls, necklaces and a tiara for the girls to play with! Please bring a coordinating shirt for your child to wear with the tutu of your choice. We think the tees & tanks with the appliques and monograms are a great choice!

This is going to be a day all about dress up and fun!

We are looking forward to seeing you and your precious little girls!!

Guess what is happening at Carson Studios?

What does your workday look like?

This is just a small glimpse into a normal afternoon at Carson Studios.

We are planning a very exciting mini-session. Can anyone guess what the theme might be?

Maybe one more picture will help….

Thank you Seabass. You were an excellent model.

September 23, 2010 - 8:06 pm Raven - That cat is crazy! CiCi must really like her job to working that closely with a cat.

September 23, 2010 - 10:30 pm admin - I just want all of you to know....I walked into the room where CC was working and found her decked out in all of the "props" we have gathered for the little ladies to play dress up...see photo number one :)

The Big Announcement!!

Carson Studios is growing…….but not in the form of a sibling for Gray as many of you have guessed!   We have been in transition mode since our little boy was born almost 2 years ago, but we are finally finished reorganizing and very excited about all of the improvements we are making.  I am thrilled to introduce you to the newest member of our “family”….. Courtney Cloud.  Courtney is our new Studio Designer and will be working with us several afternoons a week and for special events! She will be helping with ordering sessions, design consultations and set building as well as keeping me organized (this one WILL be tough). Courtney is energetic, enjoys meeting new people, is a gifted designer and loves the art of photography.  I know you will love her!

This is such an exciting change for Carson Studios! It will allow me more time to capture images of you and your family and focus on my passion….photography!

Stay tuned for more information about all that is happening here – we have a very busy fall planned for you!  (It might include 3 new mini-sessions and an open house – shhhhhh!)

A different kind of post…..

Most of you know by now that I am not a writer….I express myself much better through the visual art of photography than through written words.  But, I have something that has been on my mind for quite some time that I would love to share it with you – in words.

Ten years ago, I started on this journey of learning to capture moments of life on film (yes, I said FILM).  When I began this journey, to be honest, I was scared.  Scared to leave my job where I was guaranteed a paycheck every 4 weeks, scared that I would not be good enough for someone to want to hire me, scared that no one would want to help me learn this complex art.  I quickly realized that I was justified in being afraid of the first two, but dead wrong about the last one.  The photographers I have met throughout my years in this business are an amazing group of people.  Most are willing to teach you everything they know in order to help you become the best photographer you can be.   They are passionate and caring people – people that inspire and encourage one another.   I am honored to be a “member” of this group of individuals who can set themselves aside and reach out to others.

There is one particular person who has helped me so much through this journey.    Many of you know her….some of you have been to her home/our studio…….Her name is Tracy.  Tracy and I met 7 years ago….she “sold drugs” (the legal way),  I was a sandwich shop owner and both of us were aspiring professional photographers.  She boldly approached me one day and asked if I would like to go to a photography conference with her – in VEGAS!   Both of us laugh now when we think about that trip…..we barely knew each other, shared a hotel room for 5 days and were brainstorming ideas with what most people would have considered their competition…sounds like a recipe for disaster right.

It turned out to be exactly the opposite.  We came home from that trip and felt like we had known each other forever…. Tracy invited me to share her new basement studio, we called one another (at least 10 times a day) about new ideas or problems we needed to solve.  We traveled to many, many, many more conferences.   We have shared equipment, expenses, ideas, and even clients.  Most people don’t understand how we make it work…..It just works and we are thankful that it does!

As with all professions, photography has its ups and downs.  I am just thankful for a friend and colleague who is their to encourage me in the hard times and rejoice with me when things are going well.   Tracy you are an inspiration and I would not be the photographer or person I am today if it weren’t for your encouragement!  Thank you.

Note – I have tried for 2 hours now to find a photograph of the two of us together…..I don’t have one!!!  Here she is photographing the birth of my baby boy…I don’t even know who took this picture of her….and she may never forgive me for posting it, but this is Tracy…..always smiling, always with a camera in her hands!

August 17, 2010 - 10:37 pm Tracy Young - Oh my gracious! I feel like I just had a surprise thrown for me! As you know, words of affirmation is my love language so I am so absolutely touched! Indeed, we're like the Fox and the Hound...not sure why the friendship works so well, but it just does! I couldn't/ wouldn't want to go on this crazy photography journey without you! Thank you for the sweetest words ever!

August 17, 2010 - 10:58 pm Marti - Oh Heather, I'm teary-eyed. I'm so happy you love Tracy like I do. I think that Vegas trip was when you stayed at my house before your early flight. You BOTH brought your own boxes of cereal in your suitcases. I knew it was a match made in heaven. Truly it is. You guys really do have an amazing partnership and friendship that God has blessed. I love you both!!

August 18, 2010 - 5:42 pm Shana - Ahh... That made me tear up! I love you both. And I also love that we have such simular stories. : )